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  中文课程Chinese Courses




  Through the Chinese Pinyin,literacy and writing,reading,oral communication and other contents,the Chinese course enables the newly enrolled children to receive a comprehensive Chinese enlightenment education,and at the same time lays a solid foundation for cultivating children's interest,ability and habits in Chinese language learning.




  The starting point of the Math course is to promote the comprehensive,sustainable and harmonious development of students.Starting from the students'previous life experience,it lets students experience the process of abstracting practical problems into mathematical models,explaining and applying them.Thus,it enables students to gain an understanding of Math,and at the same time,elevate and shape their thinking ability,emotional attitudes and senses of value.


  Chinese Reading


  ‍According to children's cognitive and psychological characteristics,as well as the requirements of children's reading ability and literacy development,teachers formulate Chinese graded reading standards,determine required and optional reading items,and use reading lessons to interact with students'reading to cultivate students'reading interest and habits and finally to improve reading quality and lay the foundation for lifelong reading and learning ability.




  The Science course focuses on scientific knowledge learning,hands-on practicing and creativity cultivating.Based on studies of the students’age characteristics and cognitive ability,different themes such as“animals and plants”,“aerospace”and“physical science”are explored.This course encourages the students to explore and experiment in interesting scientific activities to arouse their interest in learning and to maintain their ability of doing research.In the process of loving,learning and using science,they are also developing their scientific thinking abilities and creativities.


  Chinese traditional calligraphy and painting


  Through artistic practices,the Chinese Traditional Calligraphy and Painting course deepens the children's understanding of Chinese culture,sharpens their aesthetic perceptions and promotes their artistic expressiveness.In classes,students are taught to express the cultural implication of Chinese characters and Chinese paintings with brushes and ink.This course aims for the students to take in the spirit of nature,gain the wisdom of art,harbor a noble spirit and expand knowledge spectrums.


  Physical Education


  In response to the Education Committee’s proposal that the PE courses should focus on teaching,diligent practice and regular competitions,PE teachers constantly improve the physical education teaching mode of"health knowledge+basic sports skills training+special sports skills training".The content will also includes martial arts,swimming,golf,tennis,ice hockey,parkour,rock climbing,rugby and other sports,so students can try different sports,to find their own sports specialties,and at the same time master 1 or 2 life-long sports skills.

  外语课程Foreign Language Courses


  Comprehensive English


  The Comprehensive English course is an ESL(English as a second language)course.Designed the teaching syllabus in accordance to the students'age characteristics and language levels in each specific stage,it aims to cultivate the children’s listening,speaking,reading and writing skills respectively and at the same time to build their ability of comprehensive application of these skills.In the process of learning,students can not only enjoy the fun of language learning,but also feel their English improving steadily.Eventually,they gain a sense of achievement.




  Phonics learning is mainly based on phonics,using a series of textbooks such as Uncle Rigg and Oxford Phonics,through songs,games,stories,etc.,to help students learn the pronunciation rules of English letters,encourage students to discover the relationship between letters and sounds.Thus they can use the simplest pronunciation rules to easily read and pronounce words,listen to sounds and spelling words,and initially establish phonological awareness,laying a solid foundation for spelling and spelling for subsequent English learning.


  Spelling and Writing


  The course closely follows the teaching theme and is guided by the characteristics of the school period.In the spelling class,students will learn the writing of letters in both printed style and handwriting styles and the distinction between upper and lower case,high-frequency words and the copying of simple sentences.Genre writing such as procedural writing,journals,letters and expository writing,persuasive writing,narrative writing and descriptive writing will be gradually included,and practiced along with several writing techniques such as simile,metaphor,personification,hyperbole and rhetorical questions.


  English Reading


  The English reading course is a thematic learning process based on reading books,essays or books suitable for students'cognitive development.It adopts different course forms to address different capacity-building needs.Teacher’s modeled reading,the phonics method,the whole word approach,the language experience learning,etc.are techniques used to develop students’reading interest and skills.And through reading diversified texts,the course aims to improve students’literary accomplishment,and build their literary appreciation and critical thinking abilities.


  Science and Technology


  Science and Technology course integrates science,technology learning and English language learning.In this course,English is used to teach science and technology and to communicate ideas.In accordance to the cognitive characteristics of students in different stages,this course gradually includes life science,physical science and engineering technology as learning themes.Basic knowledge of information technology and programming will be included from Grade 3 on.In classes,students are encouraged,in real life contexts,to use English to recall and apply previous experiences to express and objectify their own ideas,and eventually they will acquire creativities and problem-solving ability.




  This course is taught in English to help students become familiar with the language of mathematics,and to cultivate students'mathematical thinking and logical thinking through various teaching activities and subject exercises.




  Taught in English,this course aims to continually strengthen the students’physical fitness.Sports such as ice hockey,badminton,and yoga will be taught.




  The music course embraces a“just right”aesthetic education,which is an education of warmth,depth,breadth and height.The curriculum aims to achieve an elegant integration of Chinese and Western cultures through our specialty courses(e.g.,acting,drama,world art appreciation,etc.)and Chinese traditional culture courses(e.g.,Beijing Opera,creative singing of ancient poems,etc.),so as to open up a diversified artistic world for students.The music program values the individualized development of students and hosts bilingual art festivals regularly to build platforms for students to show themselves.Meanwhile,the school provides students with professional art clubs,such as bilingual chorus,dance club,symphony orchestra,marching band,Beijing Opera club and bilingual drama club.In these clubs,students should be able to master performing,singing and acting skills,and develop in a well-rounded manner.




  The French course is rooted in the LabelFrancÉducation course system of the French Embassy in China.From the fourth grade,French is offered as a compulsory second foreign language course,which comprehensively and systematically cultivates students'French listening,speaking,reading and writing skills,and at the same time enable students og have a basic understanding of the French culture and customs,and furthermore to develop students'multilingual thinking and international understanding.


  Visual Arts


  Through a gamified teaching method,this course allows students to perceive the beauty in life,create art pieces with different artisitic means and materials,enhance the presentation of visual information through details,decorate and beautify common things in everyday life,and produce artworks of formal features and feelings.The art course comprehensively develops students'aesthetic perception,artistic expression,creative practice,and cultural understanding.


  Social Studies


  This course includes class meetings,labor work,life skills and social cognition,etc.The course aims to increase students'social cognition,foster independent thinking and the ability to practice.


  Project Studies


  In this course,students carry out various types of task-oriented team projects and individual projects.In the process of fulfilling tasks,the course aims to cultivate students'practical inquiry ability,comprehensive language ability,teamwork ability,logic and critical thinking ability.

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